A note from Gina


Hi my name is Gina and I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Gina’s Divine Guidance & Healing website and firstly tell you that Gina is in fact my real name so you know I’m ME and am happy to be just ME and the one and only that you will be dealing with when you book a session through this site.

For most of my life I have believed and known that there is more to life. I often went to psychic mediums and clairvoyants for readings myself and always told before the end of the session, or sometimes as soon as I sat down, that they could see a very special light around me and that I was very gifted. As much as I knew what they were saying, it wasn’t until some years later that I allowed myself to fully open up to and understand what they really meant.

On saying that, I must remind you all that everyone has the potential to open their God given gifts but what these beautiful people were telling me was that I was here for a reason and I was to become a Lightworker, something that my spiritual journey lead me to fully understand, and in recent years, I began my REAL journey.

I’ve always had a very strong intuition and seemed able to sense what others were feeling. Sometimes sensing what they were thinking (even about me), sometimes sensing what they needed and I just seemed to be able to help them by talking to them and there were many times I considered a path in counselling. Only considered – never followed through with.

Although my intuition was very strong, like many, I could choose to ignore it at times and like most people, went about life and at times let life’s stresses catch up with me and it wasn’t until I became unwell that I finally took action, trusting in selling our business as being the right step to moving forward to become who I was really meant to be and turn my life into the life I wanted and dreamed of.

Six months after having some time out following the sale of the business, when we both began thinking seriously about what we wanted to do with our life, I realised I REALLY couldn’t imagine myself working in an office ever again and with my inner thoughts trying to guide me I began thinking about Reiki – not only for a career aspect, but also to improve my health and wellbeing. It was a few months later that we both (my then hubby & I) completed our First Degree in Reiki. Following this, a lot transpired in our life and things were ‘upside down’ for a while but without boring you here with the whole story I will tell you that I was happy to just BE. Enjoying time at home reading all the books that would reawaken my inner knowings. One of the most difficult times in my life was also at the same time, one of the best times in my life as I began my true spiritual journey.

It was during this time that I really let myself open to the world I knew was there, beyond what we generally see with our physical eye. I was gifted my first set of Angel Oracle Cards and some crystals by a friend who come around regularly for a few months with me talking about our spiritual beliefs, talking about crystals and cards, enjoying meditation and through these mornings, and with some guidance from this friend, I began to truly open up and awaken. I had always been into these things and read many books alike, had my crystals, but along the path had let it all slip by the wayside. So during these few months of spending time with this friend, I read and read many more books that she loaned to me and then I began buying books and just read and read more spiritually based books as I allowed myself to begin to feel the energy and practice my reiki as I realised I HAD SO MUCH MORE TO GIVE AND RECEIVE. Months down the track I began receiving messages from the spirit world that I could not ignore and from there on in, my life became the life I was meant to live.

With encouragement from my husband of almost 28 years (at the time)and a few very special friends over the next year, that I shared this with, I opened myself up and awakened to the TRUTH… my truth and what I am here for. I completed my Reiki Second Degree to become a practitioner and also completed the Certified Angel Card Reader course. I also began practising and studying more of the Mediumship and Clairvoyancy to allow myself to be the best I could be in all fields.  

In 2014 and 2015  with a wonderful following of supportive fellow lightworkers and many clients from, not only Australia, but around the world I stepped further into my truth with offering not only Angel Card Readings for guidance but Psychic Medium Readings and Reiki sessions to help anyone that found me. A lot then transpired and I went on to study Assertiveness Coaching then complete my REIKI MASTER PRACTITIONER level in April 2016, along with commencing my studies in Meditation Training, Holistic Human Development.

With so many life changes and changes to my work I now pride myself in offering more than the normal ‘psychic medium’  readings. My Readings are for guidance to help those that are feeling lost, or struggling with a situation and need help to progress in life in a more productive and confident manner.  Together with incorporating assertiveness coaching, holistic and spiritual counselling my sessions get to the core with tuning in and also connecting with the divine angelic realm or departed loved ones to offer the guidance needed to help move forward and become the best one can be.

My aim now is to continue on this path to bring love and light, encouragement and support, good health and well-being with divine guidance & healing to those that I am able to reach through my business and personal life. With this I have followed on to further studies in Meditation Training and Holistic Human Development which covers Holistic & Spiritual Counselling, along with Stress Management and Chair Yoga.  Therefore, I look forward to expanding what I offer in order to help those that need more assistance with overall wellbeing. Way too many people are out there struggling and not coping in life, feeling lost, stressed and becoming unwell and therefore, if I can help them to find some joy and peace in their life I will feel I am doing what I am meant to do.

I want to encourage every one to always look for the beauty that surrounds them – even in their darkest of days – and know that there is always ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Find the blessings that are within and around you and allow yourself to see and feel the love, be thankful and know that you can LIVE THE LIFE OF PEACE AND JOY THAT YOU DREAM OF.