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Gina tunes in to connect with the divine and spirit world to pass on loving messages of guidance to bring great comfort and healing for those in need through her Intuitive Empathic Readings which bring great truth with a sense of peace thereafter. With her highly intuitive and psychic medium abilities you will be assured of Gina tuning in to KNOW all that is needed to get the most out of your reading with her to help you move forward in life in the best way possible for your total mind-body-soul well being .

With compassion and great empathy,  Gina will speak exactly what comes to her to express to you to be assured you receive the messages and guidance required to assist you to move forward in life with more ease and be the best you can be.  Readings can often be full of surprises.  This is done with the highest integrity and respect and you are assured that all messages are received from a place of Love & Light.  Confirmations and validations are received throughout the session offering assurance that Gina is authentic.

As with any of her services, Gina always has her client’s best interest at heart and sessions incorporate her training in Assertiveness Coaching and Holistic & Spiritual Counselling with assurance that all sessions are strictly confidential.

Sessions tend to be approximately 1 hour long for 1 person but allows up to 1.5 hrs in order to talk through anything if required on completion of the session. Group sessions go for approximately 1 to 2hours (depending on how many are in the session).



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