Gina’s Divine Guidance & Healing Services & Price list




REIKI / INTUITIVE HEALING & HOLISTIC COUNSELLING SESSIONS –  As a Master Reiki Practitioner, I assist with your health and well-being through relaxation, holistic healing and holistic counselling.

NEW CLIENTS – Initial Consult – Option 1

Begin with a brief consult before enjoying an hour full body Reiki treatment to receive the benefits of this deeply healing and relaxing session.   Following the hour of total relaxation, spend 40-50 minutes in consultation in which I also intuitively connect to work through any issues arising from the reiki session and go over any stress factors, offering guidance with holistic counselling and assertiveness coaching, together with basic tips on stress management when required.

Option 2 – As above with a shorter consultation, thereby only covering basic outcome with simplistic guidance with regard to anything arising in the reiki treatment. 


Full Body 1hr treatment Initial full consultation – $140 (allow  up 2 hrs)

Full Body 1hr treatment+  20 min consultation – $100 (allow  1.5hrs)


Full Body 1hr treatment+  20 min consultation – $100 (allow  1.5hrs)

Full Body 1hr follow up only – $85 (allow 1 hr)

Deep Emotional Treatment – $40 (allow 30 mins)

Stress Release Treatment – $30 (allow 30 mins)

Full Body Distance Healing – $45

For more information on Reiki click here

GUIDANCE & SPIRITUAL READINGS – As a psychic medium, I offer guidance through tuning in to see what areas of life are of concern and by connecting with the divine angelic realm, along with departed loved ones in spirit, to assist you in moving forward in the best way possible for your overall well-being.   


1 person only   – 1 hr $120

                            – 30-40 min $75

GROUPS             – 2 people 1 hr $60 each; 3-4 people 1.5 hrs $50 each;

                              5-6 people 1.5-2 hrs $40 each;  7+ people 2 hrs $35 each  

PHONE           – 45 mins $75 

WRITTEN      – 30 mins $75 (channelled then typed up and sent through)

For more information on psychic/medium readings click here

READING AND REIKI COMBINED HEALING SESSION – A double session begins with a 30 min psychic/medium reading, followed by an hour relaxation reiki healing session.  Concluding with a 30 min consultation to discuss healing session in more detail with further intuitive guidance.


Reiki & Reiki Healing           – $17 (0allow 1.5 hrs)

ANGEL CARD READINGS – for guidance from your angels 

ONLINE OPTION – channelled, then typed up and sent through as a lovely printable document

Mini Reading – 1 card -$20

Full General Reading – $70

** Full general reading can cover more than one issue and can work with more than one deck… whatever deck Gina’s drawn to in order to receive guidance for whatever you need assistance with.

This option is often used for clients overseas

For more information on angel card readings click here


MEDITATION/RELAXATION CLASSES – As a certified meditation teacher who studied in stress management and holistic human development, I am able to offer relaxation classes to learn more about the varying forms of meditation and touch on other relaxation techniques.

Dates To Be Advertised throughout the year when special classes will be held OR you can enquire about arranging special classes for you and you and some friends at any time throughout the year.


5-10 people           – $15pp (allow 1 hr)


Begin with 1/2  hour  consultation to work through personal stress factors then enjoy the benefits of a 10 minute Reiki Stress Release treatment.  Follow on with a coaching session to discover the benefits of meditation, learn some helpful tools to assist in relaxation and overall whole mind body, spirit wellness with personalised care and assistance with holistic counselling and assertiveness coaching.  Session concludes with a brief guided meditation.


Reiki & 1hr Talk Time           – $120 (allow 1.5 hrs)



Mid Week ‘ME TIME’


As a certified Meditation Teacher who studied stress management and holistic human development Gina is able to offer assistance with coping with stress by opening Gina’s Healing Room as a safe place to come and spend time in a relaxed, healing environment to just talk through any concerns and issues you are currently dealing with without fear of judgement.


ME  TIME is all about you taking time for YOU to just sit and have someone to talk to in absolute confidentiality so you can release (or offload) anything that is troubling you.

Being an empathic intuitive trained in holistic human development and holistic counselling, Gina will offer a friendly ear and guidance if required, to help you get things off your mind. 

To conclude your time in the healing room, Gina will talk you through a relaxing, calming and healing meditation so you can leave in a more relaxed peaceful state.

1 on 1 Individual                         – 40 mins for $40*

* PLEASE NOTE … this is a One on One 30min chat time with a 10 min meditation for those that are short on time but need help with stress or just need someone to talk to.

If you require a longer session please consider the above stress management/relaxation & holistic coaching session  


WORKSHOPS/ TALKS – as a motivational speaker I focus on empowering others to change their life by taking control of their own wellbeing. I work to inspire others to move forward in the best way possible… assisting in helping you maintain a healthier lifestyle

Stress Management/Relaxation Wellness WORKSHOPS


RELAX LAUGH HEAL 4hr Workshop  A very informative and empowering workshop in which you’ll learn the cause and effects of stress and become better equipped to recognise and better able to manage stress. Learn a little about meditation, relaxation skills, positive thinking and simple tools and techniques to combat the effects of stress.

 As a certified Meditation Teacher who also studied stress management and chair yoga,  I am able to teach stress management techniques, along with basic chair yoga poses, stretching and relaxation exercises to release tension. You’ll learn about the benefits of a regular meditation practice and touch on various forms of meditation.

You’ll enjoy the experience of meditation during the workshop.

Participants are encouraged to join in and practice all the relaxation exercises, techniques and meditations

Each attendee receives a workshop folder with worksheets to take home of various relaxation exercises and info discussed during the workshop.    


DATES  TO BE ADVERTISED…  Can also be booked for Corporate or Community Groups and Organisations

Small-medium Groups           – $120pp (4hrs includes afternoon tea) (price negotiatable for corporate bookings)


RLH 2hr Workshop  An informative workshop covering stress and the effect it has on your body, along with offering simple techniques to combat stress.

You’ll go through basic relaxation exercises and practice some simple meditation techniques.

DATES  TO BE ADVERTISED…  Can also be booked for Corporate or Community Groups and Organisations

Small-medium Groups           – $50pp



BOOK OF LOVE & LIGHT – published April, 2018

RRP                                 – $22

Postage (within Australia)         – $5

‘MORE  TO LIFE’ – Book of Love & Light Talk/Platform Readings

 Only available until March 2019

Event ticket                               – $20pp (with book available on the day for RRP $22)

Event & Book Deal            – $35pp (*prebooked and payment received 5 days prior)


‘CHANGE YOUR LIFE ‘with Gina’s Divine Guidance & Healing –

Available from June 2019

Be Inspired to change your life – Event Includes Platform Readings/Healings

with special guest reader and healer Lynette Parker with over 30 years experience and as seen on A Current Affair and in Take 5 magazine.

Event ticket                               – $35pp