Terms & Conditions (Disclaimer)


Terms & Conditions for using Gina’s Services

By Law I must state that readings are for entertainment purposes only and not available to anyone under the age of 18 (unless in the company of a guardian). Any services available through myself or my facebook or website – Gina’s Divine Guidance & Healing are not a substitute for professional care or advice and NOT in any way intended to treat, diagnose or cure any conditions, NOR provide information meant to constitute legal, business, financial, medical or psychological advice. It is recommended that should you require any advice with regard to these that you seek out this from the said professionals in the relevant fields.

As a client, it is requested that you show respect to all involved (being me, yourself & anyone associated) with any services you request and herein by booking a service you have agreed to use your own common sense and free will when making decisions at all times. Your choices and actions are your responsibility.

Readings are messages and guidance received by your Angels, guides and departed loved ones and by requesting a reading  you acknowledge that they are your Angel’s messages to you and are open to your own interpretation.  Messages are for you to receive guidance and healing, and the angels and loved ones have your best interest at heart,  however,  You Do Have FREE WILL and therefore it is your life to choose the direction you take. It is therefore also your responsibility to seek additional advice from a professional in any field to follow up on any guidance the angels pass on to you through a reading.

All sessions, be it any type of reading or reiki treatment, are kept confidential, however, under such instances where there is concern a client may be in danger of hurting themselves or others, the proper authorities or family will be contacted for their safety.

Gina at all times enters a session with the highest intentions for the client’s highest good, however, maintains the right to refuse her services if it is in the best interest for either party.

Prices are kept to a rate that is fair to all parties as Gina puts a lot of time and effort into preparation prior to her sessions. She will endeavour to leave these prices set, however, please note that prices are subject to change over time and notice will be given on her Facebook page also of any changes.