“I have phone readings with Gina as I don’t live locally. I am so grateful to connect with her. She has given me insight with her amazing mediumship skills, and giving me tools to move forward. Blessed! Thanks so much Gina you are a beautiful light worker, doing such important work, helping people on their journey in this lifetime xxx”
… M.M, QLD.
“Such a beautiful soul! And very spot on. Highly recommend Gina if you are needing some guidance.”
…J.D, Inverell.
“Hi Gina, I can’t thank you enough for my session yesterday, I feel like the clouds have lifted and for the first time in years I can think clearly. I feel free! I definitely think there is more work to do, but at least steps are being taken in the right direction. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! You are an amazing woman with such a great gift and I am so happy that I found you xxxx”
…E.W, Inverell.
“You gave me so much confidence and support from our session.. since then, I don’t stress or worry like I used to, I’ve left my previous toxic work environment and I’m moving fwd.. i feel so uplifted and happier already.. 2017 is going to be the beginning of a better life for me and my family! Thank you xx”
… AC,Glen Innes.

I went to Gina approximately a year ago for both Reiki treatments and for a reading . I have just recently been back for a return visit .  Again I could not be happier , Gina is a very caring person and her Reiki treatments have helped me immensely.
Thankyou so much Gina for the support and help you have given me , It has been wonderful xxx DEE


I’ve been having reiki with Gina for some time as it helps me immensely to cope with my physical pain from issues arising from continually pushing my body to its limits. After my second session I noticed improvement with my hip and lower back and the third session was unbelievable as I noticed I had NO pain and remarkable improvement overall. The benefits in the relaxation that I receive from a session alone would see me return. this together with being able to function and move more freely afterwards leaves me amazed every time… ROB.


Gina’s reiki sessions are amazing. Her intuitive healings gifts are incredible… I am always blown away by her accuracy with what she is guided to work on during the session. A deeply relaxing, healing and refreshing experience which I cannot live without!!!…. EMMA



I had a phone reading yesterday with Gina as I needed guidance through life and couldn’t believe the details and how spot on she was with everything including details on every spirit that came through. I loved the experience and what I was told, I would really recommend Gina to everybody. She is a very wonderful lady, I will continue to come back for future readings. Thank you so much again!  Katherine


Hi Gina, I hope you have been well and happy. I just wanted to express my gratitude to you and your ability. That first session we had last year really pushed me to make some much needed changes in my life, and things have been going so well because of it. I feel like myself after a very long time of feeling lost. The way you deliver messages is amazing and I hope you know the powerful impact you have on people’s lives.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart xox    MM


Hi Gina,
I just wanted to say thank you for Friday.
I left your house with my “spark” back and I had an amazing weekend!!
I feel, after 9-12mths of sadness that I’m finally starting to feel at peace with myself.
You helped me so much and I can’t thank you enough.”

I have followed through with some guidance received it’s wonderful  in doing. I told her mum all about the reading and she was gob smacked at how accurate your reading was!!
I would love to actually book in, as a birthday present for my mum, for her to come see you ………
Thank you thank you thank you

Tess 💜


Such an amazing experience with a truly lovely lady!!! Will definitely recommend gina’s service!!! And will 100% be visiting again! Thank you! Thank you!! Amyleigh


I met Gina at the Armidale mind body soul expo. We had been ttc and she said I would be pregnant soon, among other things. So far she has been correct. I also found Gina gentle, understanding and with a beautiful soul and i loved her manner. Thanks Gina xx  Jo




Lovely experience, I was quite overwhelmed by the accuracy, very impressed. Wendy


wow and wow thankyou a million you done an amazing job tonight at Mels lifted half a brick off my shoulders thankyou again… xo Ash


Such a unique experience and accuracy was on point! Very passionate and professional women thanks heaps. Sara


Gina is very gifted. Spot on with everything that came through! Thanks for a great experience Gina xx  Emma


I have had both reiki treatments and readings from Gina. I highly recommend her for both her healing qualities and her accurate readings . Deidre


“Thank you Gina for my angel card reading. You were accurate with the things you seen and that has shown me the things I need to work on in myself. Will definitely keep getting Gina to do my future readings.”
…E.F, Inverell


Wow, that is awesome…. yes AA Michael is working with me all the time and yes I adore crystals and love painting them. Something I only just started doing last year and have been looking to do more soon. I love having the crystals around me…. Lillian WA Australia.


Thank you for a clear concise reading. This really touched upon the situation where I am ‘trying’ to put energy into reviving an old business to make enough money to move toward . My business has always been online or required lots of travel so I have never had a set schedule and right now, that means I feel very scattered. As you can see, all of the aspects of your reading touched upon this situation. Thank you so much. I’m inspired to practice now also with the celtic cross readings. Kris


Thank you Gina. Everything was dead on. Family is my life and my focus. In these past couple of months things have been racing in my spiritual development and it’s been a challenge juggling all of it along with household stuff and job hunting. I am a lawyer and have had problems finding a permanent position again and felt that it is no longer ‘who I am’. I have had an idea for a while now about a program working with teens to give them the told to make good choices .. Thank you for the wonderful reading and blessings and success for your new business.




Thanks Gina your reading was very in depth and so accurate and so helpful , thanking you .. Suzy


Absolutely amazing lady who reads the cards very well thankyou so much for my reading you were spot on.  Cassie


I had a wonderful reading from Gina. It was spot on and very detailed. Thank you, Gina! The angels truly speak through you!  Gael


Gina made me feel so peaceful from within while talking to her. Her reading made great sense to me and I was much doubtful about Angels and stories but after speaking to her, everything seems to be so much clearer and factual. Thanks Gina! x  NEHA


Readings are highly accurate and helpful. Gina is a professional, generous person, and has good intentions. If you feel guided to purchase a reading from her, then definitely do so as it will help you see the truth of the situation and better understand your own inner guidance. I recommend her services. Irina


Gina is so talented. Her readings are very on point and she is extremely thorough. I highly recommend using her services- its an amazing experience. Faustine


Thank you Gina for your spot on reading! You not only confirmed the signs I had been receiving but you also helped me heal some old, still painful scars. You gave me insight and allowed me to see things from a different angle. You relayed the messages I needed to be able to move forward and start a new wonderful chapter of my life. May you continue to spread Divine Love and Truth around you.  Be blessed! Lovely reading.  Carolina


It was extremely helpful and accurate. Thank you, Gina!! Hope


Gina gave me a wonderful and incredibly accurate reading. The message was very specific, detailed, and clear. The angels most definitely speak through her and I am so glad I made the the decision to become a client. Thank you so much, Gina, for sharing your gifts- I have a feeling that the messages that the angels gave me through you will make a huge impact on my life in the future! Ruchi


Have had 2 readings from Gina and they are so accurate. Really enjoy Gina’s readings. Thank you so much! X Sugina


Absolutely amazing and accurate readings. Totally to the point. Thank you very much for your assistance. I am very pleased with the service provided. I will most definitely recommend you. Wish you all the best. X


Gina is amazing beautiful Angel on Earth!Her reading was Absolutely accurate with Lots of Love and Light!I will recommend her to everyone!Her reading lift up my spirit because she done so deep reading for me exactly at the time where I need it! Thank You Gina! I love You!! lots of Love and Angel Blessings!! Rosana