The Book of Love & Light & MTL Workshop


The Book of Love & Light

Available for Purchase now

“Within each and every one of you is a place that shines a light. This light needs energy. You are energy – but – your source is drained on a daily basis and not many of you know how to, or take the time, to replenish”

Visit the official book website (link above) at to order your copy and make a paypal payment or you can contact Gina and ask for direct deposit details if you’d like a personalised signed copy


+ $5 postage and handling

Please allow P&H if you are outside of Inverell and unable to collect your copy locally.

Also now available at Pink Lotus 54 Otho Street, Inverell



I am very grateful that I had the privilege of reading the book. The messages of love and the simplicity of the truth, the honest thoughts and realisation of those truths within these pages is something I cannot recommend enough. These words of love and light, from someone so full of both is truly a gift. ….. MB. QLD. Australia
I thank you so much for the book,it is amazing how it has changed my life ,my mind and my needs.xx.  …… DS. NSW . Australia

Have received my copy of Love and Light, am only up to page 50 but just want to let you know what a privilege it is not only to know you, but to have a copy of this book and call you friend. Thanks for the kind words in the inscription. Go forward, teach what you’ve learnt and inspire others. You are a breathe of fresh air. …… CP. South Australia

I finished reading your book ten minutes ago it is brilliant and i learned so much in the last three chapters which i need to keep practicing some more i will be referring back to those chapter especially letting go of fear ❤
I love your book i keep it close to me
It’s like my little guide …… MM. Qld Australia

The book rang true in so many places for me and have already read it twice!! Am looking forward to a slower read to take it in and reflect on it in the next few days ….. MG. NSW. Australia